Pod coffee machine La Piccola Cecilia Pods in 1 group

La Piccola Cecilia 1-group Pods coffee machine, professional and linear design

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The Piccola Cecilia 1 group professional machine is very small and highly efficient. It is installed with a boiler of 3 liters which greatly reduces energy consumption. It is equipped with 3 general switches (coffee dispenser, vapor/water producer, cup heatingcounter) that can be turned on when needed. Being a paper Pod machine, it does not need much room and can be positioned in narrow spaces

More Information
Compatibility Pods
Dispensing Manual
Color Steel
Weight 18,5 kg
Voltage 50 HZ 230 V
Absorbed power 2200 W
Tank 5 liters, in plastic
Further details Safety thermostat
Recommended use/ Maintenance To use the machine correctly, follow the instructions. corretto utilizzo della macchina, è opportuno rispettare i seguenti accorgimenti. To obtain a high quality espresso and to limit the forming of limescale, always use mineral water with low limescale content. To limit the wear and tear of the capsule group’s gaskets, remove the capsule immediately after the coffee has been dispensed. Periodically (we recommend every 3 months) carry out the sanitization and descaling of the machine, to eliminate the greases and germs that form due to the limescale residues. Use the specific products: vinegar, lye, salt, formic acid, damage the machine
Producer La Piccola Grande Italy
Warranty The warranty lasts 24 months from the date of purchase and covers all the mechanical and electrical parts. The warranty does not cover repairs caused by:
- faults caused by an improper use or not in compliance with the instructions
- faults caused by limescale or by a lack of descaling
- faults caused by a voltage other than that indicated
- faults caused by changes made internally by non-qualified persons
- possible damages due to transport without the suitable packaging
The parts seen to be defective will be replaced free of charge .
Transport costs are charged to the purchaser

Dimensions 29,5x45x42 cm
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